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A Moroccan Bike Trip – Searching For My Mojo 2008

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 I awoke with that horrible feeling that I was missing something; I turned to find my lovely assistant grunting sweetly beside me.  So it must be something else.  I donned my silk smoking jacket and fluffy mules and padded out to the garage.Mojo Hunting

  The bottom fell out of my world when I realised what was missing.  My Mojo was gone.  Some lowlife had had away with it during my slumbers.

  In its place was a child like scribbled note in green crayon on the back of an Anne Summers receipt for a pair of studded black leather shorts from their “Big Boy” range


It read:  


  We have your Mojo.  If you want it back then be in Marrakech on the 19th and all will be revealed.

   Love and kisses,

  Wild Bill Hiccup and Ali Bar Bill.

Interested?  Read on here


Written by whatton

November 30, 2008 at 11:28 am

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